For Sale By Owner

Let us give you a few of the key reasons why a FOR SALE BY OWNER needs help...

Many people don't realize that selling a home is a complicated, time-consuming process. With numerous factors to consider such as advertising, pricing, negotiating and handling the numerous amounts of inquiries, it can be very exhausting and even worse - unfruitful. Many homeowners report the familiar grief of "I'm getting a lot of inquiries and calls but most are just asking questions. 

You may be thinking, "Why would I need a Real Estate Agent to sell my home?"

Let us give you just a few of the key reasons why FSBOs need help:

1. Without working day in and day out in the real estate market, it is quite unlikely that a For Sale By Owner home seller will have complete understanding about pricing. Often a seller is forced to reduce the price and may have to accept less money for the home than the seller would have received had they started at the right price. When an Agent at the Terrace Real Estate Company goes to work for you, they can ensure you will receive the most current market stats along with a thorough market analysis report. 

2. Many For sale by Owners fail to take advantage of this excitement by limiting the market to their immediate contacts and advertising. The agents of the Terrace Real Estate Company can ensure your home is advertised 24 hours a day until it is sold. Our Home Selling System is constantly being tested with CREA - Canadian Real Estate Association and is always improving to ensure your home is exposed to the largest pool of QUALIFIED buyers. With new rules set in play, we rely on the buyers agents to help sell your home, giving way to a larger group of buyers to see your home that are looking in our area. The marketing tools that we have, along with major listing opportunities on and a various other web based sites, your listing has the ability to have maximum exposure to the area and truly, the world wide web.

3. The two most common people who prey on For Sale by Owner Home Sellers are:

  • Investors/Bargain Hunters: these people who are looking to capitalize on a For Sale By Owner Seller's lack of negotiating experience and market knowledge to score their next deal. Any time a buyer doesn't buy from a store or through a sales person they expect to pay substantially less. In a sense they would expect to save the sales commissions or profits that would normally go to a sales person or store owner. Why should someone do all the work a salesperson would do and still pay the same price? For example if the seller is trying to save six percent and the buyer is trying to save six percent, now they are 12 percent apart!
  • People who can't qualify to buy your home: These people will often approach For Sale by Owner Sellers because they have had previous financial difficulties and want the owner to finance them. While for the right person, this could be a profitable investment, most sellers need to pull as much equity out of the property as possible to be able to move on with their next home. 

We try to take the steps necessary to ask the questions needed to hopefully find prospects who have been to a financial institution and understand about closing costs and down payments. This eliminates the hassle of "lookers" and non-serious buyers, and reduces the chance of strangers who may have activities in mind other than buying a house. 

4. Did you realize that any time a private seller is away from home, the home is off of the Market? We guarantee that someone will always be available to handle and follow up with inquiries during both peak hours and off-peak hours.

5. A seller selling privately can expect to put a minimum of 80 hours "work" into the project, which may or may not produce a guaranteed result. This does not account for out-of pocket expenditures such as advertising, lawn signs, etc. Selling a home CAN be extremely stressful! Let us take care of the details, from the first step of marketing to the final sale, so you can continue on with your life.

Did you know that when you choose to list your home with the Terrace Real Estate Company, you are getting agents that are very professional and reliable. We provide professional service to home sellers, just like yourself. Our goal is to help you price your home correctly and receive 24-hour advertising until it is sold. Why settle for anything less than the best? If you have considered selling your home as a "for sale by owner", having a conversation before hand with an agent may be the best first step.