Terrace, British Columbia

About Terrace, BC

Whether you're coming for a visit or have decided on a move to our area, Terrace is a place that you can call home. From the picturesque mountains to the gorgeous salmon filled rivers, Terrace and the surrounding areas provide tourists and those who live here, pure enjoyment. You really get a warm and welcoming feel when you're out and about in our Community. No matter what the season is, Terrace has it all. Hiking, fishing, camping, boating, snowmobiling or skiing...it's your choice. There are numerous trails for the adventurists to tackle while taking on what mother nature has put in front of them. For the "city folk", there are various activities in Terrace to enjoy. Our farmers market is known all over for its diverse selection of fresh produce, crafts, food and music and is a great way to spend a Saturday morning. Our wonderful selection of coffee houses, restaurants and shopping around the city will keep you busy day or night.

The real estate market in Terrace continues to move forward through the seasons and with talks still in the works for our area for LNG and Mining projects, the possibilities for the future seems promising. The influx of workers and families from different areas to this beautiful City both for work, for play or to live, brings hope for good things to come. People who live here now and for many years, really seem to enjoy what Terrace has to offer!!!

So whether you're just visiting, deciding to make a move to this fine City and want to call yourself a "Terracite" or are a true northerner and have made Terrace your home over the years, you just can't beat our friendly Community spirit that is alive and well. Come join us in Terrace and appreciate the fresh air, the beautiful landscapes and of course the people who live here and are really what makes Terrace what it is..... A great place to call home.

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If you have any questions regarding the City of Terrace or real estate in our area, please feel free to contact one of the agents @ the Terrace Real Estate Company. We'd be happy to tell you about our area.